Imagine that you have a magic wand and with this wand you can create the life that you want! Dominique Masson explains how to create a ‘future by design’.
Last week I wrote about celebrating the women we are as opposed to the women we think we need to be. Well, during this week, this view has led to some more exciting thoughts. 

One of them was touched on at the end of the article â?? if we are celebrating who we are as opposed to striving to be who we are not, a space is wide open for us to go forward into our future by design.

What is the magic wand approach?

By this I mean, a future that is designed by us with our greatest joy-bringing possibilities in mind. I call this the magic wand approach.
Imagine that you have a magic wand and with this wand you can create the life that you want. Anything! Any life!

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Well, when I had this thought, I started small. And then thought hell no! Itâ??s a magic wand! So what would I have for my life?

Visualise the life you want

I pictured it like this: I would be living in an awesome cottage style house either on a plot or near the sea. The house has bay windows, wooden floors, pressed ceilings and a sunken Jacuzzi bath next to doors that open onto a private balcony with an outdoor shower. Divine!

I wake up at a reasonable hour. Say about 07h00. I make my way to gym, dancing or yoga, or I go for a run on the plot, or swim in the sea. Then I come back for a divinely healthy breakfast with great bodum coffee, enjoyed outside on my deck.

Then my day starts. It varies from day to day. I see clients. I run a Life Coaching company from home. But its not just life coaching. I incorporate healing with aromatherapy, reiki and crystals into the package so each client gets a totally unique program to guide them to the best life that they want! In the afternoons I write â?? articles, my novels, and scripts.

Or, depending on the project I am working on I might choreograph something, or direct a play. I spend loads of time planning my next adventure â?? kayaking down the Orange River; a 4×4 trip through Namibia, backpacking through Asia… the list is endless!

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Your skills and talents are your magic wand

So this is a glimpse of a life that I would love to lead. And itâ??s all very well to imagine it, but I donâ??t have a real magic wand! So? I do have my skills and talents.

I do have my brain and six senses (yes, six). I do have my imagination, clearly, and perhaps all this is a little bit like a magic wand. However I am not going to wave said magic wand and manifest all this right now. Nope. But I am going to look at this reality and ask myself â??How can I create this?â?

I need to do the relevant courses: reiki, crystal healing, aromatherapy, Life Coaching. I need to write much more than I am so that I can get a novel published. I need to get fit so that I can Kayak.

So, I now have a to do list. All I need to do is make this into a goal list. A goal list has deadlines. I have decided to do a 10-Day plan, a two-month, six-month, 1-year, 2-year and 5-year plan.

Put your plan into action using the magic within you

So, this picture that fills me with so much joy is something I can put into action! And the planning of it is just as exciting as the picture itself. So my challenge to you this week is: depict your life as if you have a magic wand. And then see how you can create your life with what you do have: the magic in you!

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