In a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, two men robbed a McDonald’s in eastern France on Sunday, only to receive a grilling of their own

According to NBC News, the two men stormed into the McDonald’s in a small town in France on Sunday, while eleven off-duty members of the French armed forces’ elite counter-terrorism unit, similar to the US Navy SEALs, were enjoying their burgers inside the restaurant.

Confronted thugs outside

Being trained professionals, the special forces men allowed the robbers to take off with the loot to avoid confusion among the diners, and went to confront the thugs outside.

A shooting ensued when the two thugs did not want to surrender, with one seriously injured when he fell down a flight of stairs and another shot in the stomach.

One of the men was arrested with about R33 000 in cash that he had stolen shortly before.

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