Don’t we love it when a fab new proudly South African beauty brand hits the scene? Burst Make-up Brushes are a huge range of natural and vegan (synthetic) hair brushes created by local make-up artist LaReine Mulder who’s worked on everything from movie sets to SA Fashion Week and even Miss South Africa so she knows exactly what women need to create a professional-looking face without streaking or ‘stabbing’.

Each brush is double-clamped to reduce shedding and ensure it doesn’t fall apart and the synthetic hair options are finely tapered to mimic a natural hair brush. Despite being of the best quality to ensure they last for years to come, Burst Make-up Brushes are at a price point won’t break the bank.Makeup-Brushes-South-Africa-Johannesburg-Gauteng-Flat-Foundation-makeup-Brush-Synthetic-makeup-brushes-online-makeup-brushes“Burst Brushes are for people who love make-up and doing their make-up”, says Mulder. “I wanted to create something that triggers people’s imagination and helps them achieve their makeup goals, whether it is to create a simple everyday look or to create those high-end looks. Many women also invest in expensive make-up and using a good brush can extend the life of these products.”Makeup-Brushes-South-Africa-Johannesburg-Gauteng-Small-Blending-Brush-Black-Goat-online-makeup-brushes

As far as range goes, Burst’s selection is huge. Think contouring brushes, the humble blusher brush, eye brushes, lip brushes … the list goes on and on. Burst even sells special brush cleaning eggs and shampoo to ensure your collection is always hygienic and ready to help you put your best face forward.burst egg 2To view the range yourself visit Burst Make-up Brushes online. They often have amazing sales and delivery directly to your door.


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