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Everyone should eat the way those with diabetes are encouraged to eat. This is the wisdom of my father, an insulin-dependent diabetic, who has â??seen the nutritional lightâ??.
So while Ria Catsicas has written The Complete Nutritional Solution to Diabetes, she being a registered dietician who is working towards a Masters degree in nutrition specialising in diabetes, Iâ??m suggesting we all give it a read.

The complete nutritional solution to diabetes

Living with diabetes is all about managing glucose levels, and then maintaining an optimum weight through diet and exercise. So how are the non-diabetics different? Not so much. The book, while aimed at diabetics, teaches the reader about carbohydrates, the glycaemic index, the role of proteins and fats, artificial sweeteners and how to incorporate whole grains into your diet.
Catsicas also emphasises the need for regular physical activity, and dedicates a chapter to the special needs of children and adolescents with diabetes.

Meal plans and recipes

A recipe section includes over 40 recipes that the whole family will love, and after reading this book, youâ??ll want to keep it handy in your kitchen for regular reference.
I liked it not least of all because it includes delicious photographs with some of the recipes, but because everything described comes across as really appetizing, flavours abound (in my mind, I still have to try these out) and while Catsicas has provided ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, she hasnâ??t forgotten to include desserts; yes, those sweet, lovely afterthoughts, which, she shows us donâ??t have to be sugary or loaded with fat.
Combine the recipes with the meal plans provided, for both men and women, and youâ??ve got yourself a nutrition plan that will no doubt become a way of life.
The Complete Nutritional Solution to Diabetes by Ria Catsicas, RD (SA) is published by Struik Lifestyle at the recommended price of R169.95. Click here to buy a copy.

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