The actress will be among the animal lovers who will present an 11 million signature petition against the upcoming dog doomsday event to officials at the Chinese Embassy in London

She’ll be joined by her pet pooch Gary, politicians, activists and other celebrities like Jenny Seagrove and Sandi Thom for the Portland Place protest.

The Yulin festival, during which dogs are beaten to death and eaten, is just two weeks away.

The new petition, co-ordinated by officials at the Humane Society International, is the largest ever created to oppose the festival.

“Every year in China more than 10 million dogs – mostly stolen pets – are killed for human consumption in a brutal trade that involves immense animal suffering, criminal activity and serious risk to human health,” a spokesperson for the Humane Society International tells WENN.

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“China’s Yulin dog meat festival on June 21st has become synonymous with animal cruelty. Thousands of dogs are beaten to death in front of each other, sometimes skinned alive, and eaten. Most people in China don’t eat dogs, and millions of Chinese people oppose Yulin and the trade. Yulin is a shameful stain on China’s global reputation not just for the brutality, but also because it relies heavily on criminal dog theft to sustain it.

“It also poses a serious health risk to people, with World Health Organization-confirmed links to cholera and rabies. China has the power and the opportunity to shut down the Yulin festival – the world would applaud it for doing so.”

Author: WENN