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Ariel Auto Liquid has easy stain removal technology …

South Africa’s modern woman is living a challenging life, and needs her wardrobe to keep up with her dynamic lifestyle. Popular athleisure wear – casual clothing, like sweat pants and hoodies, designed to be worn in a variety of ways – fulfills this demand by allowing women to move easily from a work lunch to a gym class, and finish back on the couch, all in the same outfit.

Created with the combination of comfort and performance, it’s understandable that consumers are inclined to remain in their athleisure wear, with 50% of South Africans likely to do so. Unfortunately though, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your clothing, you can expect accidental stains to happen.

makeup stains 1_small

Lipstick stains

A common area of concern is greasy stains, like those caused by lipstick and foundations. Ariel Auto Liquid is particularly effective on these types of stains with the formula able to remove a variety of stains. The advanced cleaning formula is also effective at lower temperatures and Ariel provides superior cleaning while keeping your clothing looking newer for longer.

It’s not only Ariel’s formula that’s been improved. It now comes with a special cap that measures the perfect amount to add to your wash, and the design assists with pre-treating tough stains. Apply a little bit of Ariel Liquid directly on to the make-up stain, then scrub gently with the new cap. Leave the cap, with Ariel in the washing machine on top of your clothes, turn the temperature down and wash as normal.

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New cap

The development of this cap took over three years but for Ariel this was a worthwhile investment. Emmanuel Narinx, Senior R&D Manager for Ariel, “We want to provide consumers with the future of fabric care. Our new formula is bleach free, so while it’s better at removing greasy makeup stains, it won’t damage the colour of the fabric.”

Fashion blogger Aisha Baker, knows what it takes to keep a beautiful wardrobe looking fresh. She has some tips for treating a variety of make-up stains.

“When it comes to treating make-up smudges, it really is a case of the sooner, the better! So many make-up products contain dyes that can get set into fibres if they are not treated quickly,” says Baker. “Another common mistake is to allow a garment to dry in your tumble dryer before stains have been removed. The heat can set in the stain and make it more difficult to remove in the future.”


When you’re jumping onto the couch at the end of a busy day, you won’t need to worry when you smudge foundation onto your favourite hoodie, because Ariel has you covered.

Help to keep your athleisure clothes beautiful for longer with Ariel Auto Liquid*

*compared to best-selling powders, based on current market share data.