Pearl Thusi is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most fashionable women, but even she makes a fashion misstep now and again

The TV personality once again found herself a major topic of discussion on Twitter after her bizarre fashion choice for the 2016 SAMAs.

Her fashion faux pas comes several months after Jackie-Chan-gate at the Metro FM awards.

Pearl’s style is usually on-point, and she rarely gets it wrong – but when she does, it goes horribly wrong.

Twirling her haters

Pearl Thusi’s edgy Rubicon Clothing outfit for the 2016 SAMAs received mixed reviews from fans. Her bizarre plunging neckline had some people comparing her to characters from Dragon Ball Z, while others said her look was not flattering at all.

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But as usual, Pearl does not care what her haters think. She posted a picture of her dress on Instagram with the caption: “I twirl on my haters…!!!!”