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Are you fed up of all the bad news, from every direction? At the moment we are being subjected to a constant barrage of negative reporting in every newspaper and on every TV News channel – and then we compound the problem by talking about it!

What most people donâ??t realise is what a devastating effect all those negative thoughts are having on their physiology, health and ultimately their reality. Does it help you or anyone else around you to wallow in the bad news, thereby generating more negativity, anxiety, sadness, fear and finally depression?

Why you should make your own good news

Quite the opposite â?? the best way to help yourself and those you care about is to make your own good news â?? there is always something joyful you can focus on, you just have to look for it. I will show you a simple step by step process later in this article.

Right now you might be asking yourself – so why should I bother, I canâ??t influence what happens to me or the economy anyway!

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Sorry to disappoint you in your fatalistic thinking, but itâ??s NOT TRUE!  There are numerous scientific studies done by leading edge thinkers around the world who are telling us

You CAN take charge of your thoughts

IT DOES MATTER what we think and many other teachers, including myself, are saying – YOU CAN TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR THOUGHTS.

Perhaps thatâ??s why we have such admiration for successful sports personalities, they have disciplined their minds effectively, or they wouldnâ??t be successful. As a Professional Golfer myself having played the European Tour, I know what Iâ??m talking about â?? and I know itâ??s possible!

Your Thoughts Affect Your Reality  

One such Paradigm challenger is Dr Bruce Lipton the world renown cell biologist, who has discovered that the biochemical effects of the brainâ??s functioning show that all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts. Combining quantum physics and cellular biology, Lipton is challenging traditional bio-medical and Neutonian beliefs, when he describes the enormous power of the mine in his exciting book The Biology of Belief. He says:

â??Our positive and negative beliefs not only impact our health, but also every aspect of our life. Think about the implications of the man who blithely drank the bacteria that medicine had decided caused cholera (and survived). Consider the people who walk across burning coals without getting burned. If they wobble in the steadfastness of their belief that they can do it, they wind up with burned feet.  Your beliefs act like filters on a camera, changing how you see the world. And your biology adapts to those beliefs.â?

This is the key to ultimate freedom â?? change your mind â?? decide what you are going to focus on and watch your physiology and your reality change.

Distance Yourself from the â??Negaholicsâ?

A â??negaholicâ? is someone addicted to negativity â?? we all know at least one of them â?? they are real energy drainers. Consistent negativity causes a hormone to be released that can be addictive, so donâ??t try and rescue a negaholic, they will drag you down. The most supportive thing you can do is to tell them you donâ??t want to listen to negativity, but when they have something positive to say you are very interested. If that doesnâ??t work, just distance yourself and find positive happy people who are looking for the good in their lives.

From Stress Hormones to Happy Hormones

Negative thoughts, if held onto can also cause stress hormones to be release into the body, which if not utilised for physical action, can have seriously adverse affects on your body. Chronic long-term stress is analogous to an athlete being held in the starting blocks waiting for the â??Goâ? command, but it doesnâ??t arrive â?? they will physically collapse within seconds. Aerobic exercise is the best way to relieve stress, and it also produces Endorphins in the brain, otherwise known as â??happy hormonesâ?. So DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL â?? today.  Take up a sport, go running, swimming, join a gym â?? get some form of aerobic exercise every day and you will feel those Endorphins coursing through your body â?? you will start to see the good things in your life and be happy for no reason.

Visualise Yourself into a Good Feeling State

This is a wonderful exercise that gets easier the more you practice, and can be done anywhere.  Driving a car, in the shower, having a coffee break, eating breakfast……

As if you were the director of a film, design a specific scene in your imagination that makes you feel really good â?? and expand the scene by bringing it alive in your mind. I always start with a place that I love to be, like the beach, beautiful nature, or the memory of a wonderful holiday. Like adding the ingredients of a delicious cake, add in the temperature and the elements (wind, sun, rain â?? whatever brings you joy) then bring in the people you love to spend time, or imagine what you want to bring into your life as if itâ??s already here. Then just as your heart is singing with joy and you feel wonderful â?? get out of the visualisation and enjoy the pure feelings.  My experience is if I stay too long with my movie it becomes diluted.

If you practice this once or twice a day, on a regular basis, you will begin to recognise how negative input and thoughts make you feel, and you will develop an early warning system for the vibrational changes in your body. Then itâ??s time to visualise yourself into a higher vibratory state and a good feeling. The mind is like a muscle, so train it to support you!!

If you do this simple exercise just once a day, you will start to take charge of your thoughts, which will alter the cells in your body and your vibratory frequency – which in turn will start creating REAL GOOD NEWS in your life.

To dip into a little inspiration whenever you need it, or post your GOOD NEWS (however simple), go to which is a GOOD NEWS NETWORK – where members can share their successes and inspiring stories â?? join us and gain support, inspiration and valuable information to help you realise your potential, move into peak performance, achieve success and be happy.

In my next article I will be talking about core beliefs and re-framing your challenges.

Recommended Reading:

â??The Biology of Beliefâ? by Bruce Lipton Ph.D.

â??Ask and it is Givenâ? by Esther & Jerry Hicks  

â??Negaholicsâ? by Cherie Carter-Scott

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