Itâ??s been known for a while that the foods you eat directly affect the performance of your brain. But what many people donâ??t know is that the right combination of nutrients can dramatically improve your mood… sharpen your concentration… quicken your reaction time… and boost your memory… all over a short-term time span.

Eating the right cocktail of â??popularity foodsâ?? at least six hours before a special occasion can actually improve your social skills. Here are some suggestions…

A piece of oily fish to make you a â??conversation kingâ?!

Did you know your brain needs fat to function properly? But before you go running out for ice cream and hamburgers before your party, you need to know what kind of fat your brain needs. Omega-3 fatty acids helps brain cells communicate messages from neuron to neuron faster â?? so youâ??re more on-the-ball when engaged in conversation. Dopamine is found in most proteins, but we suggest a nice, oily piece of mackerel or cod. Just 140 grams could have you feeling more alert and assured.

Cereal to calm the nerves

Vitamin B6 is essential for the nervous system and healthy red blood cells, which supply oxygen to the brain, among other functions. B6 helps prevent irritability and (very important for social occasions) nervousness. The best place to find B6 is in a bowl of fortified cereal. You can top up with brown rice, brewerâ??s yeast, nuts and seeds, bananas, white fish, potatoes and baked beans.

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Bananas to put you in the party mood

Serotonin is a chemical that is part of the brainâ??s reward system and produces feelings of pleasure, happiness and relaxation. Itâ??s made from building blocks in carbohydrate-rich foods, such as pasta and cereals. People who suffer from clinical depression may have too little active serotonin and are often given drugs like Prozac to compensate.

Steak for staying power

Red meat is the richest source of iron, which is vital for healthy haemoglobin, the red pigment in blood that carries oxygen to all the bodyâ??s cells. Iron helps prevents anaemia that can lead to tiredness, a lack of concentration and listlessness.

And if you want to attract the opposite sex â?? try a truffle!

An air of mystery has always surrounded the truffle. Its fragrant muskiness and rarity keeps it on top of any list of aphrodisiacs. It was said that those people who wished to lead virtuous lives had better abstain from eating truffles.  Although these jet black nuggets of flavour are quite expensive, a small amount could top off your â??party food cocktailâ?? â?? if youâ??re wanting to meet someone special, that is!

And remember: Try not to eat too much at the event itself, especially if itâ??s after 7pm.When you eat a big meal, your bodyâ??s oxygen is used for digestion. That means your brain is denied some of the oxygen it needs to function and stay alert.

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