Another popular diet is a Low Calorie Diet (I call it a starvation diet). Let me use an example for this one.

Say you had an average woman who weighed 70kg and ate 2300 calories a day (the norm). She had a normal layer of body fat and a metabolism that burned at that pace. She decided she wanted to lose 10kgâ??s for a very special function that was in 6 weeks time. So she dropped her calories to 1000 calories a day, and in six weeks she weighed 60kg! She lost about 3kg of fat and the rest was all muscle mass and water. Now the truth is that the body will not work any harder than it has to. The body is naturally an energy saver, so after 1 â?? 2 weeks the body has registered the lower calorie intake, so it starts to auto-cannibalise itâ??s own muscle in order to decrease the bodyâ??s metabolism, and so to burn at a lower metabolic rate.

Now once the special function is over this lady is actually feeling tired and other people are commenting on her pale face etc… so she decides to go back to her old way of eating. But her metabolism is still burning at 1000 calories a day, so she gains it all back plus 4kg!! She has more fat this time and less muscle because a lot of it has been broken down and the whole process starts again. This is a true yo-yo diet. This lady would have been ok if she had only dropped her calories by 300 a day and increased her exercise, so that she was building lean muscle mass, and at the same time burning extra calories. She would be feeling great with no reason to go back to her old ways.

Moral: The more lean muscle mass on oneâ??s body the faster the metabolism and the more you can eat!

There are many people out there who use nutritional shakes as their weight loss toll of choice, but these are not very good for your mentality, as you are not getting the satisfaction of eating real food, and the truth is, you cannot do it forever. They do not teach you to eat properly and they lack the roughage (fibre), and variety. If you are a bachelor and the choice is between not eating at all or having a shake, obviously having a shake will be better. But otherwise they should only be used by people or athletes wanting to gain weight, and are to be eaten in between meals.

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A really popular option on the market at the moment is the Blood Group Diet. So far there is not enough long term research, and dieters must be properly monitored by a professional. These diets are also not true for everyone. Say someone is Oâ??Negative; this blood group has to eat a lot of protein, but this particular person may be a vegetarian. It doesnâ??t always suit everyone!

My worst method to lose weight fast must be Fat Burners

These should only be used by competitive athletes or body builders. They cause anxiety, depression, and an increased resting heart rate (they can cause heart palpitations ). They can make you feel really flat at the end of every day, and once again, they are not good long term!

Most of the clients I consult with have used fat burners at least once on their journey to weightloss. Just trying to show you a trend of how easy it is to play around and mess up your bodyâ??s metabolic rate only to land up even bigger!

A healthy way to lose weight

One of my favourites is The Glycemic Index Diet. The glycemic index of foods is simply a measurement of by how long carbohydrate based foods effect blood sugar levels. Carbo foods that break down quickly during digestion have the highest Gi. The glucose or sugar in the bloodstream increases rapidly.

On the other hand, carbohydrates which break down slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the bloodstream, have a low Gi. By using the Gi concept in combination with a low-fat eating plan, people with diabetes, low blood-sugar (hypoglycemia sufferers), people at risk of heart disease, sportspeople, and slimmers can all benefit from a more optimal blood-sugar control. For those wanting to lose weight, the increased satiety, and the fact that the less insulin (a hormone that encourages fat storage) is secreted when consuming a low Gi diet, results in better fat loss.

Lisa’s personal weight loss choice

Well you must all be wondering after all those choices, which one DOES Lisa advocate??!!

Itâ??s bringing it back to basics and itâ??s called Calorie Dificiting and therefore keeping it simple! We all know that to lose weight, you need to burn off more than you consume. Well what are you consuming and how do you burn if off??

I specifically decided to elaborate on this topic as I had countless responses to my previous article asking how to put his principle into practical use. Take a peak at my next article to find out what my favourite weight loss principle is all about!


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