As many of you like minded healthy people are aware, we are all made up of energy which results in us being in a constant state of vibration. The level of an individualâ??s vibration relates to the state of mind of that person, or, in other words, how that person â??feelsâ?.

Good vibrations come from happy thoughts

The way a person feels influences how that person responds to other people, places and personal experiences. Therefore, one of the quickest and easiest ways to change your level of vibration (and hence feel better) is to think of something you LOVE. For some of us this is easy and a positive thought can be anything from curling up in bed with a good book, to watching a beautiful sunset or simply waking up next to the person you love.

Being grateful is the key to happiness

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All too often, especially when we are having a bad day, we tend to forget lifeâ??s little pleasures without realizing that merely giving them a few moments of thought has the potential to change our vibration and make us feel better. For those of us that find positive thought a bit more challenging, there is a simple exercise that can change your focus. Simply start by writing down one thing that you are grateful for each day. As you start to recognize and respond to the â??good vibrationsâ?, you are increasingly likely to find yourself listing things that you never really took note of before â?? but that you now notice and appreciate.

Another idea is to have each person at the dinner table say out loud what they loved about their day â?? in this way the whole family gets to benefit from combined positive group energy. So, next time youâ??re sitting in traffic, queuing at the bank or waiting to collect your kids from school, try to bring into your mind something that you love and notice how it affects your state of mind, which directly affects all of those around us.

Kerry is an Active Specialised Kinesiologist, practising at the Positive Health Complimentary Medical Centre, Morningside, Durban.

She can be contacted on 031-303 5578

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