I don’t know about you but I’m a busy girl despite the fact that I don’t have a family to cook for. That’s probably why I don’t often cook for myself. I tend to live on take-aways and convenience meals which isn’t always unhealthy if you know what to buy, but it is expensive. What’s also pricy is the random groceries I buy when I do find the time to create the odd meal from scratch, especially since I tend to use only a bit of them and watch the rest merrily rot in my fridge.

Enter The Flying Pan, a Cape Town-focused meal delivery service that drops a delish home-cooked meal at your doorstep. Each dish is prepared fresh every morning using high quality ingredients by owner and qualified chef Mathew Hoepner. There are three menus to choose from – Vegetarian (R60 a meal), Classic (R60 per meal) and Low Carb (R68 a meal). While you’ll find local favourites on the menu, many of the dishes are globally inspired. Think spicy (but not too hot) Indian curries and Thai curries as well. As the menus are rotated, you won’t receive the same meal in a month so you don’t have to worry about getting bored.spicy-beef-stir-fry

Above: Spicy beef stirfry

As far as ordering goes, it’s a real breeze. You can view each dish, order how many you want, pay for it using multiple payment methods including SnapScan and BOOM, and it arrives the next day! There are no minimum order requirements, you don’t get locked in with any kind of subscription and you don’t have to order your meals in any sequence. Don’t like carbonara? You need never order it. Simply click on the meals you want on whatever day of the month and you’re good to go. You can also order from a mix of their menus so you could happily enjoy eating low carb chicken and beef meals every other day save for a meat free Monday when you might prefer something from their vegetarian menu. Say, a Cape Malay veggie curry perhaps?chicken tikka low carbAbove: Low Carb chicken tikka

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Of all the meals I tried I most enjoyed the delicately spiced chicken biryani. I loved that they seasoned the potentially bland cauli rice in a way that made it taste delicious. Also, the chicken was unbelievably tender and they use breast meat only. There wasn’t a scrap of fat in sight!

Initially, I thought R68 a meal was fair but might extend beyond my pocket but I’ve now come to realise it’s great value. The meals are large enough to be split in two so I can eat half for lunch and half for dinner. Also, I’m now not left with any wastage. No more expensive sour cream left languishing in the fridge after my one pot chilli con carne is gone! Also, that price includes the delivery of your meal too. If you consider what it costs to order a takeaway from Mr Delivery plus the tip for the driver, The Flying Pan is a total steal.beef-bobotie

Above: Beef bobotie

Aside from the pocket-pluses there’s also the weight watching aspect. When I pack on the pounds I turn to a very low-carb diet that works like a bomb but requires a lot of prep. If I forget or run out of time to prep a carefully calculated lunch, the vending machine becomes my friend and suddenly I’m eating Nik Naks instead of turkey roll ups. With The Flying Pan at hand, I know I can line up a week’s worth of the right type of food with a few simple clicks.

If it’s something you’d like to try, I can wholly recommended the service. Their food is great, their delivery is reliable and the ease with which you can order is the stuff millennial girl dreams are made of.

To view their menus and get the answers to any of your questions and find out if The Flying Pan services your area pay a visit to their easy to navigate website. Bon appetit!