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Don’t get bored – add a ‘fun factor’

One of the reasons many people lose focus on their goal of a tight, toned tummy is that they allow themselves to slip into a routine that is inflexible and monotonous.

They eat the same meals all the time, they run the same routes, and do the same exercises in the gym. While doing these things is very good, it does eventually become fairly boring, and when we get bored we begin to look for other ways to occupy ourselves.

Watching a favourite series on your comfy couch sounds way more fun than going for a 10km run right? [tweetthis]We find ourselves opting for the path of least resistance[/tweetthis] and rapidly fall away from the goal.

Build in a fun factor

If you’re going to pursue a goal that will only materialise after a number of months’ work then you need to build an amount of ‘fun-factor’ into the process.

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  • The key is to keep things fresh and avoid boredom

Some amount of routine is good – getting up at the same time every day to go to gym for example – but what you actually DO is wide open. Work out with weights, kettlebells, bodyweight training, circuits, classes, run, cycle, swim, spin, change the environment in which you train. Whatever it takes to add fun while keeping the intensity high.

Variety in your eating and training will keep you moving forward and enjoying the journey.

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