Last updated on May 16th, 2016 at 09:04 am

I had to stifle a laugh when my husband voiced his reservations about an all-women trip I’m about to take to Mozambique next week. Boy, has he got it wrong!

“I know what women get up to on those girls’ trips” he muttered. He’s under the impression that women go a bit wild on trips away together and drink too much and flirt with strange men all night in the hotel bar.

But if you’re an exhausted mom in desperate need of a break from homework, dishes and last-minute ironing of school shirts, then nothing could be further from the truth (I’m sure I speak not only for myself here …)

I have been given the awesome and fabulous opportunity to review a luxury beach lodge on an island off Mozambique for three nights – together with a few other (female) journalists, and I can’t wait. (But not for reasons that he thinks.)

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I can’t wait for the break, not only because beach holidays are my favourite ones, and I love the warm, calm waters in that part of the world, but also because it’s:

1. An opportunity to go to sleep by 10pm and sleep later than 6am
2. Hopefully a chance to laze on the beach or on the bed in my villa and read an ENTIRE book
3. No demands on me to iron a shirt, help find a charger or translate Afrikaans grammar homework
4. Dinner planned and cooked by someone else for three nights – and no dishes afterwards
5. The chance to converse (and laugh) with adults who won’t be sighing and rolling their eyes at me and muttering “Seriously” under their breath to everything I say or wear… (hopefully)

I’m going to forget about being someone’s mom, wife, daughter, maid and taxi driver for three whole days!

And if my husband is still concerned that I will have any energy or inclination to flirt with strange men, he can check my suitcase once I’ve packed. I’m going for comfort here. In fact, this is what I’ve decided re the packing:

  • No make-up
  • No perfume
  • No stilettos
  • No tight clothing (so I can eat seafood and drink wine till I pop)
  • And definitely NO lingerie!

I’m going to chill on the beach, catch up on sleep, write about an exotic destination and make some new friends. I’m going to forget about being someone’s mom, wife, daughter, maid and taxi driver for three whole days!

And I’m going to have a chance to miss my family and be dying to see them again when I get back

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I just need to convince my husband of this each time, and remind him of the refreshed and revived wife and mom who returns home after these occasional breaks, ready to throw herself into family life and all its chaos and closeness, love and laughter, all over again …