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Introducing Silverguard’s range of unique Maternity True Graduated compression stockings (20- 30mmHg) and thermodynamic everyday socks together with maternity belt and panty ideal for expecting moms …

The maternity stocking is essential for support during pregnancy:

  • Helps avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • eliminates bacteria and fungus, which cause odour
  • improves circulation and oxygen distribution
  • regulates temperature
  • reduces fatigue
  • reduces pain, swelling and stress
  • ideal for travelling


SILVERGUARD powered by X-Static is a nylon thread coated with pure silver, knitted into the sock. The thermal conductivity characteristic of silver regulates body temperature in all conditions.

Silver will also eliminate bacteria and fungus, which cause odour when mixed with perspiration and ammonium. X-Static pure silver fibre is non-toxic and chemically innocuous, and will retain its beneficial properties for the life of the product, despite repeated washing.

Silverguard has partnered with Snuggle Time to produce a variety of products which include cot mattresses, fitted sheets, infant pillows, pillow cases, and wedged pillows.

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What makes these products so special is that they are all manufactured using pure silver fibre, which provides numerous benefits for both baby and mom.

Snuggle Time’s Silverguard baby mattresses and linens offer built-in antimicrobial protection. This helps create a sleep space for baby that is free from harmful bacteria and dust mites.

Silver has an extensive history in human healthcare – and while its antibiotic and antibacterial properties are familiar to scientific medical professionals, very little of this knowledge has filtered through to the consumer.

This is now changing, thanks to the presence of Silverguard – a proudly South African company.

Amongst other benefits, the advantages include:

  • Antimicrobial – the bacteria that cause infections, illness and allergies 040516-SG-Snuggletime-A4W-395x395cannot survive in the presence of silver
  • Eliminates odour X-Static® silver fibre inhibits body odour caused by bacteria
  • Shields from radiation – 
    The silver fibre used in Silverguard’s Maternity Belt and Panty has been shown to shield the abdomen – (and hence the unborn infant) – from 99,99% of radio frequency electro-magnetic radiation (RF-EMR) emitted by cell phones, computers and other electromagnetic devices people use every day (electro-magnetic radiation is the reason why doctors discourage unnecessary X-rays of pregnant women)
  • Thermo-dynamic All products made with X-Static® silver fibre are noticeably cooler in warm weather and feel warmer in cool weather, adding an extra dimension of comfort for mother and baby.

Silverguard maternity underwear can also be found in selected pharmacies and stores specialising in maternity wear. Silverguard will soon be available in Baby City stores.

You can also visit to view and purchase products.

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