We all have to get around, but we don’t have to break the bank in the process

1. My way or the highway

Or vice versa. It’s actually much cheaper to drive on highways than byways, because you avoid stop-start traffic and can run your engine at optimum speed. As long as you’re not paying e-tolls, that is …

Driving yourself to work is very different to loading the Kombi up and taking the whole family to Margate for Christmas.

2. Pump up the jam

Using the correct tyre pressure will have a huge impact on your fuel efficiency and it’ll also make driving much, much safer. Read your car manual to find out what the correct pressure is for both front and back tyres, and check your tyres every two weeks or so.

Remember to take into consideration how many people you’ll be carrying and what kind of roads you’ll be driving on. Driving yourself to work is very different to loading the Kombi up and taking the whole family to Margate for Christmas.

3. Run a tight ship

A well-maintained vehicle that is regularly checked for the correct oil and coolant levels as well as things like brake pads, lights, and fan belts will run more efficiently and be safer to drive too.

What’s more it will ensure a decent resale price. Forking out a grand or two every year is far better than being whacked with a massive bill when your luck finally runs out somewhere between Leeu Gamka and Beaufort West.

4. Use SnapnSave to consolidate your shopping trips

Do you really need to drive to Checkers for milk, Pick n Pay for rice and Woolies for seedless satsumas?

Deals are updated on a weekly basis

Download SnapnSave, the only app in SA that gives you cash back on loads of brands regardless of where you buy them, and start saving today. Deals are updated on a weekly basis and include everything from brandy to bodywash. Find out how to start saving here.

5. Live life in the slow lane

Driving like Schumi forces your engine to work harder by pumping out and consuming more (ridiculously expensive) petrol.

And that’s before we mention the increased risk of being involved in an accident or getting your pic taken by that sneaky speed cop crouching behind an oleander on the side of the N2. The optimal cruising speed is between 80 and 90kph, but even driving at 110 is far better than 130.

6. Ditch the flashy wheels

Hate to break it to you, but that X5 you’ve had your eye on doesn’t actually qualify as an investment.

The moment you drive it off the showroom floor, your ‘asset’ begins depreciating in value. Buying a cheaper, more fuel-efficient vehicle will save you a lot of cash in the long run. Rather spend the big money on your house. #buzzkill


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