The most common excuse given for not exercising is lack of time. Well, these exercise routines will save the day!

Lose fat and get fit in a tiny amount of time that ANYONE can squeeze into their day.

BONUS: You can do all of these exercises outside of the gym.

For sprints, go to your nearest park, or run in the street outside your home. For the skipping combos buy a good-quality skipping rope, and for kettlebell workouts you can invest in some light-weight kettle bells for your home. They are relatively small and can easily be packed away in a cupboard when not in use.

1. The scientific seven-minute workout

This is a one-round, 12-exercise circuit for which all you need is your body, a chair, a wall and seven minutes. Do each exercise for 30 seconds and switch to the next with no break.

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  • jumping jacks
  • all sit
  • push-up
  • ab crunch
  • step up onto chair
  • air squat
  • tricep dip
  • plank
  • high knees running in place
  • lunge
  • push-up and rotate
  • side plank

The seven minutes should be pretty tough to get through. If not, get the 7 minute workout app and try one of the more advanced ones.

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