For many of us, ‘politics’ is just another topic of conversation to avoid along with religion, sex and your favourite soap opera

Some things are just better kept to yourself. Especially if you’re a devoted Trekkie with a penchant for S&M and Generations: The Legacy –  poor Karabo!

Politics is something that happens around us.  We may catch the latest parliamentary squabble and corruption scandal on the local news while waiting for the weather and Isidingo, but it never really gets personal.

Politics, until now, has been like a dripping tap. A damp, annoying splatter, just on the edge of consciousness. The kind of thing we can’t fix ourselves, and the professionals are expensive and unreliable, so we make do with what we have and just get on with it.

Politics, until now, hasn’t been personal.

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Okay, sure, we’ve had to deal with potholes, and Eskom, and e-tolls and SAA … but these never threatened the core of what this country was built on. The foundations of freedom.

Politics, until now, hasn’t been personal.

Your freedom.

My freedom.

I don’t care who runs my country

I honestly couldn’t care less who runs my country. Yes – it is my county. And yours! Which is something the current ruling party seems to have forgotten. We are all citizens, and we deserve to be treated as such.

The people who run my country can be any race, any gender, any tribe, any educational background, and any financial position. I don’t care, as long as they do a good job. As long as they uphold the Constitution. As long as they put the people first.

As long as they understand that their position is not one of privilege but of service.

And that is what Jacob Zuma has forgotten

Using our money, he has built himself a fortress while children starve, parents die of AIDS, teachers are left unpaid, hospitals are in disrepair, crime is rampant, and the future of this country drains away in his golden bathtub.

He has failed.

He has failed.

1. He has failed as a leader

He has dragged the name of the rainbow nation through the mud. So much so that he has devalued our currency, and embarrassed us in front of the international community.

2. He has failed as a servant of the people

Crime and unemployment have increased on his watch. The education system has gone to pot, and government healthcare is a shambles.

3. He has failed as a human being

Jacob Zuma has allowed his ‘friends‘ to run rampant through our beautiful country while he watches the catastrophic suffering of her citizens.

He has blatantly lied to us about his culpability with regard to his Nkandla castle. He has defiled and defied our Constitution. He has failed – as a man – to take responsibility for any of his actions.

He has given up on leadership. He has given up on us.

He has given up on leadership. He has given up on us.

For goodness’ sake, please vote

Opposition parties recently tried to impeach Zuma following the Constitutional Court’s ruling that supported Thuli Madonsela’s report – which found that Zuma stole our money to build his swimming pool and so on – and the only reason he’s still around is that his cronies protected him and (mostly) themselves.

The only way we can change this is by making sure the ruling party has less of a voice in Parliament.

The only way we can do that is by voting.

Politics is personal right now

Even if you normally make a concerted effort to avoid all things political, consider making an exception this August. That annoying dripping tap has become a torrent and it is threatening to flood your entire home, carrying your friends and family with it.

Diarise August 3 2016. It’s time for change.


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