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As all moms know, birthday parties can be exhausting. Especially if you’re in charge of whipping up food for an army of guests and children. More Easy Party Treats for Children takes so much of the stress away by presenting you with a go-to guide of fantastic ideas and sweet creations. Each chapter presents a different theme, including trains, monsters, sheep, butterflies, bees, superheroes, ragdolls and dinosaurs. All the treats are made using readily available items, such as ice-cream cones, marshmallows, jelly sweets, lollipops and wafer biscuits. Each theme includes a centrepiece that can be used in addition to, or even replace, the traditional birthday cake.

The simple-to-follow instructions don’t require any baking or specialist skills, making it possible for busy moms to put on the perfect party without blowing the budget or spending hours in the kitchen. Kids will be delighted by the variety of treats on offer and the themes can be adapted to suit individual preferences and ages.

About the author

Janette Mocke published her first book, Easy Party Treats for Children, in 2012, which has sold over 12 000 copies in English and Afrikaans. Since then, she has appeared on various TV programmes, including Pasella, Expresso and Hectic Nine (SABC 2), and featured in Your Family magazine. Janette started out by baking cakes for family and friends. When she couldn’t find anyone to make her own wedding cake, she took on the task herself and the cake was such a success it convinced her to turn her hobby into a business. She is the owner of a Supacakes agency, using her creativity and talents to produce cakes, cupcakes, treats and toppers for birthdays, weddings and special occasions.

Buy it if: You are a mom looking for party inspiration and easy-peasy treats. It also makes a great gift.

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