Eight signs that you are not the typical woman

You don’t believe in the distinguishing between what men and women can say or do. You are a woman, but some of your character traits seem more man-like. You are perfectly comfortable in your own skin, yet you look at other women and think to yourself, “I’m just not like that”

So what? You are not alone, there are many others like you out there. You do what you want to, and feel like, and you are not interested in the world’s opinion on how women need to or should behave.

This makes you unique and unusual, and that is why most people find you interesting and entertaining and love you for exactly who you are.

Besides – life is too short to be boring…

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Flats trump heels

There is no way you will torture yourself by walking around in uncomfortable heels. You wear your flats or sneakers, and you rock them without a care in the world.

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