Turning fat into muscle

People often talk about how they are going to diet and exercise and ‘TURN THEIR FAT INTO MUSCLE’. Is this possible? If so, do people with more fat get a larger amount of muscle in this magical trade? Obese people who lose weight should turn into ultra bodybuilders.

Unfortunately this is one of the most misguided, commonly held beliefs in the weight-loss industry.

Fat can be lost, and muscle can be gained, but fat cannot turn into muscle for the same reason that a hamburger cannot turn into a boat. They are two completely different things, made from different base ingredients.

A fat cell and a muscle cell are similar only in that they are cells in the human body

No amount of diet or exercise will change the chemical structure of a fat cell so that it becomes a muscle cell. (If it were possible to do that, then surely there would be a way to turn a fat cell into a brain cell too? Maybe through thinking really hard.)

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So what happens then, when a fat person becomes muscular through diet and exercise?

So what happens then, when a fat person becomes muscular through diet and exercise? Well, it’s quite simple really. Basically her fat cells get SMALLER and her muscle cells get BIGGER. There is no magical transformation of cell matter here, just a basic real-estate trade.

Simple and logical, right?

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