The 3-hour myth

Some diets require people to eat every three hours in order to ‘keep your metabolism going’. Some say this is important for fat loss, others for muscle growth. All have been proven wrong.

Now, if you’re someone who likes to eat more regularly, there’s nothing wrong with that – provided you get your portion sizes and macronutrient ratios right. You CAN lose weight successfully on a diet where you eat every three hours.

But you can also lose weight (and gain muscle) on a diet where you only eat one meal per day. Diets like the Warrior Diet, Eat Stop Eat and various other have shown that eating less regularly (intermittent fasting style) has many benefits too.

Too much time and effort

I have found that trying to eat every three hours requires more time and effort than I have available. I tend to enjoy eating two or three meals per day. It works for ME.

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I tend to enjoy eating two or three meals per day. It works for ME

I have also observed the fear attached to the three-hour myth – people become obsessed with their next meal because they believe that their muscles begin to perish if they don’t eat all the time. It’s simply not true.

So if eating six times a day works for you, great. If it doesn’t, try something else. The most important thing is the quantity and quality of the foods you choose to eat. How often you eat comes a very long way after.

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