Last updated on Mar 29th, 2016 at 08:48 am

You work hard for your money, so you may as well spend it on something you really love …

1. Make a list

The Boks didn’t win the World Cup without a strategy, so it’s imperative that you go to the supermarket with a plan.  Being prepared will cut out impulse buys and it will get you in and out of the grocery store faster so that you can get on with more important stuff.

2. Focus on sale items

Check out the weekly specials in the paper before you go shopping and try to only buy stuff that’s on sale. Learning to appreciate a varied diet will save you a vault-load of cash over the years. And besides, your favourite brand of mayo will go on sale again someday…

Depending on what’s on sale where, it may even make sense to hit up a couple of different retailers in one trip (although only do this if they’re close to one another – there’s no point in chowing through litres of petrol to save a buck or two).

3. Get the SnapnSave app and make money while you shop

Deals are updated on a weekly basis and include everything from brandy to bodywash

SnapnSave is SA’s fastest growing cashback shopping app that gives you cash back on a wide range of brands and products at the retailer of your choice. Deals are updated on a weekly basis and include everything from brandy to bodywash.

Get the free app (or logon to the website) and start snapping and saving today. Find out how to start saving, here.

4. Shop first, meal plan later

Most people decide on what they want to eat and then go out and buy the ingredients. But doing things the other way round will save you money.

Buy stuff that’s on sale and then try to plan a menu around it. You’ll feel like you’re on Masterchef and you’ll save money. And if you really can’t work out what to make just do a Google search of your ingredients … You’ll be amazed at what comes up.

5. Never shop hungry

It may seem like killing two birds with one stone to do the groceries during your lunchbreak, but whatever you do make time for a sarmie and a Liquifruit before you hit the shops. Hungry people have less patience and self-control. And they eat more … Duh.

Hungry people have less patience and self-control

6. Buy whole fruit and veg

Yes, snazzy bags of neatly chopped marrows, butternut and cauliflower are convenient. But they are also a rip-off and they go vrot in days, let alone hours.

And ready-made fruit salads are way worse … on both counts. You’re left with only one option: dust off that neglected peeler at the back of your drawer and get chopping …