The glitzy and glamourous four-day Gupta wedding has begun – and no expense has been spared…

A lot has been said about the ‘suspicious’ nature of the travel arrangements, i.e. the family’s private jet allegedly been given permission to land at the Waterkloof Air Force Base.

Apart from the scandal that seems to follow the multi-billionaire Gupta brothers, the wedding festivities, which take place from 1 – 4 May at Sun City – a right royal, extravagent affair – is currently underway…

“My big fat Gupta wedding” quick facts:

  • The wedding – over four days – will be made up of 11 different ceremonies.

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  • President Jacob Zuma has made a ‘last-minute’ cancellation for his planned attendance at Thursday’s ceremony to rather attend a ‘damage-control’ meeting in Congo. 

  • The guest list was kept a top secret, but wedding spokesperson Haranath Ghosh said that it was made up of 350 invitations to guests “coming from around the world”. 

  • Gupta City: The family reportedly booked out the entire Palace of the Lost City in the North West for four nights, where suites cost between R4 600 and R44 000 a night. They have also booked out the entire Vacation Club, the resortâ??s time-share section, as well as the Valley of the Waves, which reportedly rakes in R480 000 a day, for the four-day bash.  Late night partying will be done at the resortâ??s nightclub, Silhouette. This means accommodation alone could cost in the region of R10 million.

  • Sources reveal that thousands of flowers that adorn the venue are imported, and that international chefs had prepared local and Indian dishes for the guests

  • The cost? Ghosh could only reveal that it is a “multimillion-rand event”. 

  • International fashion guru Gavin Rajah, was tasked with co-ordinating the multi-million rand nuptials and told media it would be “mindblowingly beautiful”. “The attention to detail is amazing in all the venues and while the theme has a modern edge, it is distinctly Indian. We’ve combined the best of both Africa and India…”

  • Day one: Guests were treated to champagne and Häagen Dazs ice cream while relaxing in tents next to the Lost Palace’s swimming pool on the first day of festivities. They later enjoyed a thrilling firework display which filled the night sky. 

  • The couple have a website set up for their wedding. It includes full length biographies of the bride and the groom, as well as full descriptions of the wedding ceremonies. Guests are required to login in order to be able to leave their wishes for the pair and view their full profiles.

  • About 5 000 people are set to attend another wedding ceremony for the couple, to be held later in India.

PICS: Take a sneak peak at the festivities of the grand Gupta wedding (Please click on the next pages)


  The couple – Vega Gupta and Aakash Jahajgarhia

Outfit #1

Image credits: Twitter (Marida Fitzpatrick, Haranath Ghosh)

Outfit #2

The couple are pictured at a celebration at the Valley of Waves, Sun City


Image credits: Twitter (Marida Fitzpatrick, Haranath Ghosh)

Outfit #3

The couple are pictured at a pre-wedding ceremony

Image credits:  Twitter (Marida Fitzpatrick, Haranath Ghosh)

The rings

Gupta: The exchange of the couple’s diamond rings are not an important factor in their Hindu culture

Image credits: Vega wedding website

The wedding website


The couple’s wedding website features a wedding album, festivity inventory and a ‘guest book’ for authorised guests only

Image credits: Vega wedding website

The guests

Pictured L-R: The bride’s father Anil Kumar Gupta, Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor (of Slumdog Millionaire fame), and singer Kailash Kher 

Some of the 350 friends and family guests

Aakash is pictured with his family from India

Image credits: Twitter (Marida Fitzpatrick, Haranath Ghosh)

The decor

Multi-coloured tents adorned the Valley of Waves at Sun City

A stage was created for the first ceremony alongside the pool at the Palace of the Lost City, Sun City

Another stage was set around a mammoth elephant and adorned in gold and green colours

Table decor

Tents located alongside the swimming pool welcome guests

Image credits: Twitter (Marida Fitzpatrick, Haranath Ghosh)

The ceremony

Vega (centre) is pictured with her sister and aunt

The â??tilakâ? is applied by the brideâ??s brothers on the groomâ??s forehead, in line with Hindu custom

Vega attends the mehendi (henna) and bhajan sandhya (devotional songs) at the Palace of the Lost City hotel, Sun City 

Image credits:  Twitter (Marida Fitzpatrick, Haranath Ghosh)