South African businessman, Tokyo Sexwale, must have been disappointed last week after he had to pull out of the running to become the next FIFA president. That sadness didn’t last long, however, because less than 48 hours later he became a father once again

Tokyo’s girlfriend, Nataxa Da Silva, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday morning and the couple has named him Nasima, which means “Gentle breeze” in Arabic. Although the name is usually reserved for girls, a source close to the couple revealed that they came up with it by combining letters from their names.

The “Na” comes from Nataxa while the “sima” comes from the second half of Tokyo’s Pedi name, Mosima.

A source spoke to Sunday World and revealed that the baby had been born a few weeks early.

“The baby was supposed to come in March, but it appears something came up and doctors advised for an early delivery. It’s a pity because the big boss could not be there during the birth as he was busy with his soccer things.”

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Tokyo has four other children from previous marriages but at the age of 62 he must be excited at the prospect of raising a child one more time

Congratulations to Tokyo and Nataxa, and we hope baby Nasima grows up to be a healthy and happy child.