1. Empty the dishwasher.
  2. Load the dishwasher. (If you are racing against the timer, be careful not to smash any crockery!)
  3. Fold one load of laundry. (Could you do this? I would take three minutes alone trying to fold any fitted sheets!)
  4. Collect dirty laundry and take it to the washing area. (Maria, you can’t have kids who are inclined to drop their dirty clothes all over the house! Three minutes! HAH)
  5. Lay out clothes for the next day. (THAT I could do. My wardrobe is small enough not to take time deciding what to wear!)
  6. Take out the rubbish. (This can’t involve taking the peelings  to the compost heap too!)
  7. Write down five things that make you feel grateful.
  8. Go through your children’s school and other notices and dispense with the ones not needed any more.
  9. Choose three pieces of clothing that you can give to charity.
  10. Brush and floss your teeth.
  11. Make your bed. Fine if you were trained as a nurse. Takes me longer than three minutes,to make it so it doesn’t look like a dog’s breakfast!
  12. Clean out the rubbish in your car. Who knows, you could find all sorts of lost items.

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