It’s becoming so much easier to find the marvellous in the mundane. Our second placement happened at the end of January, 2016, and it was very different to our first adoption. From how long we waited once we knew we had been matched, to the actual meeting place, nothing was the same as the first time. Nothing except the fact that both children were desperately wanted.

It’s time to settle down and find a new normal

Our biological children were 13 months apart so I knew going in how difficult it would be to find my feet. Two babies, one only 13 months old and the other received into our arms at four months of age are bound to wreak havoc on a household. The nap times, the feedings, the multiplied laundry, bottles, cries … It’s all normal. But it’s marvellous too.

We now have two biological children and two chosen children in our family. Every blue baby item hung outside is the confirmation of a dream come true. Every hour spent trying to get him to sleep at a more decent time of the night is a reminder of the hours I spent wishing and waiting and wondering. “What if I never, ever saw my dream coming true?” I always saw myself as mom of many, but with the passing years from when our daughter was born, to the time my husband remembered and, more importantly , spat our plan into action, I lived in an emotional pit. Every time he announced another pregnancy at work, my heart would ache. Was I bound never to hold another infant in my arms again? Never to have a little warm body to call my own ever again?

My two adopted children are a dream come true

With the arrival of our bundle of joy, I can say I am on my way. In fact I’m sure some already see me as ‘mom of many’. My two adopted children are a dream come true. They help me to enjoy the normal moments. I sweep and mop, doing the mundane, while my eldest two children hold the marvellous: their newest siblings. We have lived moments that others are still wishing for. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I know that my present is grand. I have more love, more laughter, more bliss. The marvellous far outweighs the mundane, because in the mundane, I see the blessings I do not deserve.

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People often say adopted children are lucky to have their forever families. While it is a good thing to have a family rather than not, my children – all of them – are my blessing. They have blessed me more than they’ll ever know.