Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 02:15 pm

The key to keeping your baby content could boil down to something as simple as a foot massage if the advocates for baby reflexology are to be believed.

What’s the deal with baby reflexology?

Safe and effective, reflexology is a valuable tool for parents to alleviate stress and pain in a nurturing way. It provides fast relief for everything from colic to teething.

How it works

Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points found on the feet and hands correspond to specific organs, muscles, bones and body systems. Babies’ feet have undeveloped arches, and their skin and bones are usually fairly soft – allowing for a soothing experience.

The reflexology chart

A baby’s foot is divided into specific zones, each corresponding to an area of the body. This is outlined in the picture below.

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Baby reflexology

Trying it out at home

Soothe your baby so that he/she is not crying before you begin. Use gentle pressure as you would while massaging your baby. Massage your baby’s feet one at a time.

Follow these steps:

  • Start off by using soft, long strokes along the soles of one foot, toe to heel.
  • Then apply firmer pressure, from the toe to heel.
  • Massage the foot in gentle circles and pull softly on each toe.
  • Finally rotate the ankle in each direction.
  • You should only spend about two minutes massaging each foot.

If your baby pulls their foot away from you as you are working, take this as a good indication that it is not enjoyable and that you should stop and try again later.

Will you be trying this with your little one?