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When I was pregnant with my first child I had expectations of what a great adventure I was about to embark on. My son and I would finger paint and bake and build Lego and explore the great outdoors together. I would be the cool mom, the happy mom, the relaxed mom.

Nothing could have prepared me for the reality… The exhaustion, the spit up, the 3am crappy nappies and wearing the same clothes for four days, while the little guy wore four outfits in one day! Not to mention the fact that life doesn’t stop when motherhood starts – you’re still expected to cook supper, renew your car licence and return your library books – I was not cool, I was not relaxed and I was not happy …

And then I discovered a magical place, a place where moms can go for a few minutes of peace and quiet whenever you need them; where other South African women share those same feelings of craziness you are experiencing; and where you can be reminded again and again – I am not alone! The place? Mommy blogs.

Now, my third son is a few weeks old and I have this motherhood thing waxed, but I still visit my favourite mommy blogs – to get a recipe for quick and easy play-dough, to commiserate with a mom who is also attached to a newborn, or like with Kathryn Rossiter’s blog, Becoming You, (above and below) to remind myself of who I was before I was someone’s mommy.

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I’ve asked some of these amazing bloggers to share a bit about who they are and what their blogs are about. Take a look, you’ll be sure to find some new friends … because YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Above and Below: Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger over at Becoming You and mother of two kids – a boy aged nine and a girl who is almost six. Her blog covers a diverse range of topics including travel, beauty, fashion and family and offers daily information, inspiration and encouragement for women, especially moms.

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