When asked what he demands when he is booked for a performance, AKA listed his preferences

Firstly, he said that his flights have to be business class, and that he is only prepared to fly SAA, not be cramped on smaller Mango or Kalula airplanes.

He added that he and his team tend to choose which hotels they want to stay in, and that they generally have to be picked up from the airport in an SUV or a nine-seater H1.

AKA furthermore requires three or four bouncers per venue appearance and as for beverages, he would need his “bottles”, his Red Bulls, and some ginger tea for his voice

The rapper also spoke about his plans for this year, revealing that his focus is to release his third album, which is still in the making.

AKA said that he draws a lot of inspiration from young guys currently in the business, such as EmTee, for tracks on his upcoming album.

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The Baddest rapper will also be going on his third World Boss tour this year, for which he will perform across the continent.

Author: Team Talk