Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 11:23 am

Whether you’re spoiling or being spoilt, it makes ‘cents’ to be wise with your money this Valentine’s Day

Plan it right, and it might also be your most romantic ever! Here are six oh-so-romantic ways to save money this Valentine’s Day:

1. Cook him something scrummy at home

Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and there’s no guy on earth who’ll say no to a home-cooked dinner from his one and only. Light some candles, put on some Kenny G (or not!) and turn the lights down low …

2. Pool your resources

Of course you want to look your best on the big day, but this doesn’t have to mean maxing out the credit card on an entirely new wardrobe. Borrow a skirt from Sarah, a top from Tammy and some heels from Helen.

You could even get together for some much-needed girl time and take it in turns to do each other’s nails and hair.


3. Bring your own bubbles (BYOB)

If you absolutely must go to a restaurant, why not find one which allows you bring your own booze? Restaurants charge massive mark-ups on champagne, so you can save a lot by getting yours at the supermarket and paying a smallish corkage fee to the restaurant.

4. Celebrate V Day on the 13th… or the 15th

Securing a table at a top restaurant on the day itself can be both tricky and expensive.

Securing a table at a top restaurant on the day itself can be both tricky and expensive.

Bringing the celebrations back or forward a couple of days won’t only increase your options, but it’ll also reduce the bill. And you won’t have to spend three hours surrounded by 37 other couples who are all trying not to make eye contact with their neighbours.

5. Shop around for the best prices on treats

He doesn’t need to know you got his present at a sneaky discount. Whether it’s a bottle of vino, a bag of biltong or a box of choccies, you can bet your bottom dollar you can get it for less by using SnapnSave – the app gives you cashback on big brands at all major supermarkets.

6. Give him a voucher for a massage … from you!

Instead of going for an expensive couple’s massage at a spa, why not save some cash and do it yourself? We can guarantee your man won’t be complaining when you whip out the essential oils and roll up your sleeves. And we’re pretty certain he’ll want to return the favour.