Here are some eye conditions that are common to many people …


People often get cataracts due to ageing. This occurs when there is a ‘clouding’ of the natural crystalline lens inside the eye.

Dry eye

This condition is usually associated with the poor functioning of the oil glands in the eye-lid. Apart from using lubricants, hot compresses as well as eyelid massages can be used to mobilise these oils.


This refers to the loss of reading vision over the age of 45.

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Macular degeneration

“Age related macular degeneration is a genetic disorder. Smoking is the only behaviour that can modify the condition,” says Dr Dylan Joseph, an ophthalmic surgeon at the Southern Cape Eye and Laser Centre. He adds that the effect of smoking on this condition is like ‘petrol on a fire’.


This refers to a small, red, fleshy lesion that grows on the surface of the eye due to ultraviolet exposure. Remember to keep your eyes protected when exposed to sunlight or when outdoors.

Flashing lights

Flashing lights and floaters in the eye are generally a consequence of the gel in the eye becoming loose. People older than 55 years of age usually experience this. The condition must be checked by an ophthalmologist says Dr Joseph.

Be sure to visit an ophthalmologist if you suspect that your eyes may be in need of treatment. The earlier a problem is detected, the better your chances are of effective treatment.

Source: Life HealthCare magazine, Spring 2015.

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