Many people feel unfulfilled in their careers or feel like something is missing from their life.

Is this because their goals are not aligned with their values? How can we set goals that reflect our values for a fulfilling life?

Make a list of everything you are doing in an average day (personally and professionally)

Ask how each action above is assisting you in fulfilling what is truly most important in your life, or what your life demonstrates as your top three highest values (as determined by filling out the Demartini Value Determining Process (see

Keep asking this question and answering it until you can see how all of these actions are on the way more than in the way and appreciate what you are doing each day and how it is ultimately serving you.

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It is wise then to master plan your life and begin prioritizing what you are doing each day and delegating lower priority actions, or love what you are presently doing through linking them to what is most important or valuable as mentioned above.

It is not what is happening to you or even what you are doing that matters as much as it is your perceptions of them

Change your perceptions and you will change the way you feel about your life

It is unwise to set goals that are incongruent with what you truly value most. Start with chunked down meaningful goals you are truly certain about and that your life demonstrates you are truly committed to.

Start with what you know and let what you know grow. Simple, daily, prioritised actions continuously acted upon, leads you to ever greater achievements.

Do you think that social media confuses and distracts us from figuring out what is most important to us? How can we find and remain true to our purpose in life in a world that tries to “tell” us how we should act and live?

If you allow yourself to become distracted by social media and let it occupy space and time in your mind, or let it consume you, then that is your own doing.

But, if you prioritise your daily actions according to your own true highest values, your inner mission will emerge and become present in your mind and overrule any social media unless certain aspects of that media will help you fulfil your purpose.

Your life already demonstrates what is truly most important to you

Your purpose is a reflection of your true highest value – your ‘telos’. To determine your highest value or purpose, look honestly at what you fill your space with most, how you spend your time most, what energises you most, what you spend your money on most, where you are organised most, where you are disciplined most, what your think and bring about most, what you visualise and bring about most, what you internally speak to yourself about and bring about most, what you converse with others about most, what inspires you most, what goal you persist towards and achieve most and what you desire to learn about most.

When your voice and vision on the inside becomes greater than all the opinions on the outside you have begun to master your life

A fear of failure can stop so many of us from pursuing our dreams. What advice can you give on overcoming the fear of failure?

Your fear of failure is simply a feedback mechanism within your mind to make sure you are setting truly authentic goals that are aligned with your true highest values and not unrealistic fantasies that are unreasonable and poorly strategised.

For every philia there occurs a phobia. For every fantasy there occurs a nightmare.

Once you set reasonable and objective goals that are truly strategised and chunked down into specific obtainable action steps, your fear spontaneously dissolves.

Your mind becomes clear and free of fear once you set truly meaningful, inspired and congruent goals. Goals that are congruent with your highest values will bring the executive centre portion of your brain on line and maximise your goals achievement with the greatest amount of self-governance and the least amount of fear.

What is the Mind Body Connection and how can we ensure that our mind and body are in balance?

Your psychology governs your physiology. When you balance your mind, you balance the functions and structures of your body.

Your highest values determine, filter and help balance your perceptions, decisions and actions.

Your mental perceptions impact your central brain chemistry. Your central brain chemistry impacts your autonomic nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system alters the receptors of your cell walls and your cell walls enzymatically and epigenetically regulate the expression of your genes.

Your innermost dominant thoughts become your outermost tangible reality

When you have a balanced mind, you become grateful, loving and well. When you have an imbalanced mind, you become impulsive, emotional and ill.

What are your tips for dealing with stress?

Distress is the inability to adapt to a changing environment. It emerges when you fear the loss of that which you seek and / or the gain of that which you attempt to avoid.

Your degree of resilience (eustress) is your ability to adapt and is a by-product of your mastery of setting meaningful, inspired and congruent goals that are aligned with what is truly most important to your life, which allows you to be more objective, reasonable, balanced and persistent.

By filling your day with the highest priority action steps you can identify, you will reduce your distress and raise your self-worth and empower your more resilient achievements.

About the author

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