If a diet makes you lose weight it’s a good diet … or is it?

More often than not, when we’re looking for a diet, we take advice from people who have been thin and healthy their whole lives without even trying. THIS MAKES NO SENSE RIGHT?!

Asking your personal trainer for weight loss advice is cool, but she likely has no personal experience in this department – just a bunch of textbooks full of information and theories.

But what about people who HAVE lost a ton of weight and are promoting a diet?

I mean, if this woman lost 100kg by only eating toothpaste for breakfast every day for six weeks does that mean it’s the best diet for you? It WORKS right?! She lost so much weight! And look at her TAN! She’s BEAUTIFUL now! You should do the Toothpaste Diet*.

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*The above is a satirical statement, it does not refer to any real diet or individual (I hope) …

Successful weight loss vs sustainable, healthy weight loss

The example above is fictional, but it does reflect a common issue in the diet industry:

  • There are a lot of people who are DESPERATE to lose weight
  • There are a lot of people who actually lose weight successfully
  • There are a lot of people out to make a fortune from people’s desperation to lose weight

The combination of these factors means it’s difficult to find a diet, or an eating plan that you can really trust to have your best interests at heart.

“Is it a good diet just because someone lost a lot of weight?”

The big question: “Is it a good diet just because someone lost a lot of weight?”

The answer? Obviously, NO!

Because you should be concerned with more than weight loss.

What about your health in one year, five years, 25 years? Just look at some of the diets out there: the Twinkies diet, the Subway Diet, people eating only MacDonald’s and losing weight. How can those diets possibly be good for you in the long term?

Which diet to choose?

The question I would like you to consider when choosing a diet is: “Can I find stories of people who did this diet successfully 15 years ago?”

If yes, find out how they are doing now. If not, I’d be sceptical.

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