â??How toâ?? articles proved extremely popular and attracted many readers during 2012.  Hereâ??s a list of 10 of the best â??How toâ?? articles featuring many topics of interest and concern to women.

Top of the list of the best â??How toâ?? articles for 2012 were undoubtedly articles featuring weight loss issues and fashion trends and ideas.

1.  How to lose love handle fat.  Butts, thighs, hips and waists all featured prominently in most popular â??How toâ? articles in 2012. Most women suffer from a version of love handle fat, and most women want to lose it.  Take another look at the original article, and it may help you minimise or even lose your own love handle fat.

2.  How to dry brush your legs and reduce cellulite.  Cellulite is a condition that plagues most women in some way or the other. Revisit this article to glean a few more tips on how to reduce the dreaded cellulite.

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Fashion also featured prominently among the best and most popular â??How toâ?? articles during 2012

3.  How to wear knee high boots.  Boots became a big fashion statement during 2012.  Just in case the same applies for 2013, here are some tips on how to best wear your knee high boots.

4.  How to wear spring trends at the office.  Many of us were glad to leave the winter behind us, and start to gear up for the warmer and lighter days ahead. This article, giving some useful tips on spring trends, is certain to brighten up any dull post-winter office.

Parenting skills, health and beauty tips were also among the most popular â??How toâ?? articles for 2012.

5.  How to handle backchat and disrespectful behaviour.  Many parents are extremely concerned when their beloved child suddenly starts backchatting and behaving in a disrespectful manner. These useful tips on how to deal with this type of problem might help to put your mind at rest on how best to deal with this type of behaviour.

6.  How to nip a cold in the bud.  This article was published when we were in the midst of a cold long winter. Being under the weather when you feel a cold coming on, and you have a zillion jobs to do at work and home, is not much fun.  So take another look at this article to arm yourself for when a cold strikes you down next winter.  Hereâ??s how to nip a cold quickly in the bud.

7.  How to stay looking young.  The ultimate dream of every woman â?? no one really wants to get old. Take a look at this article for some good tips on looking young.  It is important, though, to remember that being young doesnâ??t only apply to oneâ??s physical appearance, but is very much tied up with a healthy attitude to life in its entirety.

Home improvement ideas, relationship issues and green tips on how to save money and energy were also much-read articles during 2012.

8.  How to give an old couch a new look.  Many of us are battling to stay financially afloat in these hard economic times. We can save thousands of rands by renovating or restoring our current household items rather than splashing out unnecessarily on new things with money we donâ??t have. This article gives useful tips on how to restore an old couch to look fresh and new again.

9.  How to avoid couplesâ?? coma.  Relationship issues are important to all of us, and couples can easily lose their initial spark by becoming over comfortable with each other.  Take a look at these useful tips if your relationship needs a bit of firing up.

10.  How to save electricity.  Another useful article to help us ward off the drastic rise in our electricity bills over the last few years.  These tips will not only keep your money in your pocket but the environment will also benefit under the current threat of climate change.

We at All4Women are planning another bunch of great “How to” articles for you in 2013.  So just keep on reading!