If you’ve read the book Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg, you’ll know that balancing work and family is a tough (but achievable) task that “working moms” strive to achieve …

Sheryl will be the first to tell you that you have to ‘lean in’ and make the balancing act work for you

While she encourages both parents to be equally involved in raising the children, she also admits to the odd ‘bleisure’ trip with her family.

Sheryl, the previous Google Global Online Sales and Operations VP, and current COO of Facebook, says she often takes her kids with her on business trips – one such trip on the private jet of eBay CEO John Danahoe resulted in a rather awkward, but funny scene which she details in her book. Well worth the read!

The concept of bleisure has been around for a long time but only recently has it gained extreme popularity, thanks largely to the millennial generation that strives for work-life balance over earning a high income.

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According to CNN Business Traveller, although the term bleisure has yet to be added to the dictionary, the trend is gaining popularity fast, and businesses will have to start adapting their company travel policies to allow for it and retain employees. “If there is a good working relationship and employees know where to draw the line, bleisure shouldn’t be a problem, says CNN.”

Here are some ideas on how you could blend a little pleasure with your next business trip:

Choose the right hotel

As the lines between business and leisure travel blur, it’s time to ditch the monotone, boring corporate hotel. Hotels are looking at offering unique experiences that money just can’t buy.

And, although the suits might not be thrilled about this, expect business-focused hotels to embrace ‘the art of family travel’ with organised ‘kiddie’ activities. Accommodation establishments will focus on busting the grind of all-work-and-no-play visits.

Take the kids

Resorts are starting to wake up to the potential of bleisure with megaresorts, like Disney World, even reporting major earnings from this group. They have improved their offer for business conventions as more executives opt to combine costs and schedules to have their families enjoy themselves while they work.

Popular resorts are expected to start marketing ‘bleisure packages’ to attract this growing segment of the market.

Extend your trip for some ‘me’ time

Flying ten hours for a two-day meeting can be exhausting, and seeing nothing but the four walls of a conference room even more depressing. If you are travelling all that way, you may as well make the most of it and enjoy your trip. Speak to your Thompsons Travel travel advisor and ask them to recommend a short-stay, tailor-made itinerary that allows you to see the sites, relax on the beach or go exploring!

Join your hubby on his business trip

Perhaps your job doesn’t require much business travel? Why not make the most of your husband’s business trip and keep him company?

Increasingly, companies are allowing spouses to come along on business trips and since his expenses are already covered, it makes it much more affordable for you both to get away.

During the day, your husband will more than likely be working or in meetings, but make the most of the evenings together or extend your trip for a few extra days once the meetings are over.

Bleisure travel is a huge trend all over the world so now you can feel less guilty when asking your boss if your babies can join you on business. “Stats and data on trends such as bleisure are extremely important when motivating policies and procedures to corporates,” says Hayley Walls, Marketing Manager, Thompsons Travel.

“We encourage all business travellers to take part in this five minute survey on bleisure trends in South Africa. The more we know about blesiure trends, the better for your case in future.”