Speaking to the Sowetan, Khanyi said she doesn’t like being famous, she just enjoys the benefits that come along with it

Sharing other things that people might not know about her, Khanyi said she is domesticated, she has OCD, she has cynophobia, she is dyslexic and she is a very spiritual person.

“Many people don’t know this about me: I’m domesticated. I’m a girl’s girl. People may see me being made up with manicured nails and all, but little do they know that I love to clean, cook, do laundry – the works!” However the actress did confess that she doesn’t know how to iron.

“I’m very spiritual. It’s the very core of my existence.”

Mbau has an obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD)

“Everything in my home has to be a certain way – from the juice in the fridge to the certain way that toilet paper hangs. I get worked up if anything is out of place … My closets are all packed in colour order, season, and texture of material.

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“I love jazz. Above and beyond all music genres – jazz is my number one.

“I have cynophobia (fear of dogs). I don’t like pets. I would go crazy with my OCD if I had pets. Can you imagine?” Insects of any shape or size also freak her out.

Mbau also shares that she is dyslexic

“My producers have to give me colour auto cues rather than black and white. I struggled a lot at school – comprehensions, reading and especially doing homework.

“I was always raising my hand and asking, “Ma’am, could you read the story for us? That’s how I developed an excellent memory.”

Author: Team Talk