Myth: Only WATER is hydrating


Many people who are focused on being healthy, exercising and losing weight will get hung up on staying HYDRATED at some point. They will begin carrying around a bottle (or two) of water with them everywhere they go to ensure they get their daily recommendation.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – but the interesting part occurs when you ask one of these water-holics to tell you how much they drank that day and they ONLY COUNT THE WATER.

Water is the HEALTHIEST thing for us to drink

But you can also add your five cups of tea a day to your total liquid intake.

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Do we think our bodies can’t recognise water because there was some tea extract mixed in?

There’s water in the fresh raw fruits and vegetables you eat every day, water in your protein shake, water in your coffee, water in your soda, and water in your water bottle.

Add them all together when you are trying to figure out how much you drank during the day.

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