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Sisley cosmetics is based on the concept of Phyto-Cosmetology (the study of plants, and the use of natural botanical extracts in beauty products).
I have to say, Iâ??ve always heard about Sisley products, but never knew much about their background. I was fortunate enough to experience some of these plant-infused products recently.

Radiant Glow Express Mask
I am in awe of the Masque Eclat Express, or Radiant Glow Express Mask cleansing with red clay. Wow, a mask that cleanses and aids in glowing skin …

Also the fact that itâ??s an express mask … so you can literally put in on while you’re painting your nails or typing that last minute email before hitting the office. No waiting twenty minutes or deciding which mask to use.

This five-minute 2-in-1 mask packs a punch when it comes to cleansing and nourishing.
White and red clays absorb excess sebum and dislodge impurities that leave skin looking dull. Chamomile and rosemary soften, purify and stimulate the skin, while rose-hip tones the skin.
Carrot Extract moisturises and re-mineralises. This creamy, non-drying mask leaves skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. The tube is fabulous for travelling and for on the plane. Who has the time or space to do a full-on beauty regime on the plane?

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Itâ??s a quick pick-me-up after the dehydrating and dulling plane air conditioning, and only needing five minutes, you wonâ??t keep anyone in the queue waiting.

Express Flower Gel
Another wonderful express mask is the Express Flower Gel.
I had an Express Facial at the V&A Waterfront Woolworths where I experienced the Express Flower Gel Mask (the express facial is perfect as an introduction to the products, and itâ??s totally perfect for us ladies on the run!).
Itâ??s incredibly fragrant and my skin absorbed it like water to a desert. Having a  high concentration of hydrating ingredients like lily and iris extracts, with their water-retaining capacity, and sesame extracts, which help in the prevention of water loss, itâ??s highly effective in skin hydration.
The ability for this mask to be used on the eye area is usually unheard of. In only three minutes, skin is more supple, radiant, firmer and brighter.
Gently wipe any excess mask off after three minutes. Do not wash it off as the plant extracts continue to work and nourish your skin.

Eye Countouring Mask
The Eye Contouring Mask, containing botanical extracts like horse chestnut, ginkgo, and arnica, and packed with vitamins, hydrates the eye area in minutes, leaving it smoother with diminished lines. It works effectively to get rid signs of fatigue and puffiness – exactly what Kim Gray needs!
sisley woolworths beauty festivalSisley products are exclusive to Woolworths. Pop into stores now while their Beauty Festival is on and receive a free gift on purchase of any two products (of which one must be a foundation).
Itâ??s a beautiful product. Definitely worth a try!