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Are you ready to change your lifestyle, your body and your outlook on life for only R10 per week? NewU daily inspirational weight loss and lifestyle SMSes are designed to help you all the way.

Start living your best, most healthy life
Start living the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of and stay motivated to reach you weight management goals.
NewU is your lifestyle coach on your mobile phone
Receive daily tips and advice on how to lose weight, improve your diet, eat healthily, stay motivated and learn how to change your lifestyle in easy and manageable steps.

Get bikini-body-ready with NewU Daily Lifestyle SMSes
Itâ??s easy to start: SMS BODY TO 31222. For only R10/week you will receive one inspirational SMS every day. Not happy with the service?  SMS the words “stop body” to 31222 to immediately unsubscribe from this service. For full terms and conditions or more information visit    
NewU Daily Lifestyle SMSes

  • Daily reminders that will act as your personal coach

  • Healthy eating tips and advice

  • Stay motivated to lose weight

  • Advice regarding health and weight loss

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Exercise ideas

  • Facts about food and nutrition

  • Your support group and guidance on your phone

 What will the NewU Lifestyle SMSes look like?
Our SMS content is carefully sourced and cross referenced from reputable sources. Expect a variety of topics to be covered, helping you to change your lifestyle. NewU is not intended to be a quick weight loss solution or magic pill.

We all know that extreme dieting and radical measures are not sustainable and you soon fall back into old bad habits. Rather, the daily NewU SMS you receive will be like a personal coach or dietician giving you advice, motivations and guidelines on living a healthy lifestyle that supports your weight and fitness goals.
Be joyous, healthy, beautiful, powerful YOU
Start getting your NewU SMSes today for only R10 per week:
1) SMS the word BODY to 31222 now
2) You will receive a NewU SMS every day
3) We will deduct R10 from your airtime
4) Unsubscribe any time you wish (SMS the words stop body to 31222)
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NewU Lifestyle SMSes: Terms and Conditions

1.    Cost is R10,00 per week for NewU Lifestyle SMSes and includes 1 SMS per day
2.    To subscribe to this service SMS the word BODY to 31222. To unsubscribe from this service at any time SMS the words STOP BODY to 31222
3.    Premium rates apply. Network + WAP charges extra. VAT incl.
4.    Free minutes do not apply. Also Free SMSes and bundles do NOT apply.
5.    This service is available to all networks in South Africa
6.    Errors are billed.
Full terms and conditions: visit
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