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What colour mascara suits you best? This is often a personal choice but here are a few ground rules to go by when choosing the colour of your mascara.
Below is a list in order of preference, so see what colour mascara you are currently using, and you might be convinced to try something new!
Brown mascara is lovely on blue eyes
Brown mascara will make the blue in your eyes ‘pop’ and is possibly the nicest choice.  Remember that it won’t necessarily look like brown when you are wearing it, so if you are used to wearing black all your life, give this colour a go. 
There are some stunning chocolate brown options.  Avoid grey-brown mascaras, as that can look ‘flat’.
Navy mascara also compliments blue eyes
Blue mascara was once all the rage. Don’t be afraid though, as the blue that best suits blue eyes is actually Navy Blue, and not the frightful electric blue from the eighties! Navy Blue compliments the blue in your eyes and only appears blue when the light catches it.  A great option for the evening.
Black mascara is the ‘natural choice’, but for people with fair skin and blue eyes, it is quite harsh-looking.  I would opt for brown mascara instead if you are fair-skinned.
If you have brown eyes black mascara usually works best
Black mascara usually works best for brown eyes, adding intensity along the lash-line.
Brown-black mascara is a good idea if you can’t decide between brown or black, as it is usually a half-mix of the two. 
Brown mascara is also an option, but it HAS to be a deep brown, as a medium or grey-brown will look ‘ashy’ and make your eyes appear dull. 
Season colour mascaras usually appear in the Autumn/Winter colour collections, and are generally limited editions
That way it is perfect if you are enticed to buy one, because after that the trend may change, and also, it is time to buy a new mascara after three months anyway! 
Try jewel-toned colour mascaras, which give that ‘added extra’ to the lashes.  But remember, jewel-toned does not mean glitter, but rather that it has a metallic tone to it that adds a soft sheen to the lashes.  This is great for special occasions or evenings. 
Try a deep plum-coloured mascara for Autumn, and you won’t believe how it can compliment all your seasons outfits. Once again, if you choose the right plum tone, it won’t look like ‘plum’ on your lashes.
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If you have hazel eyes try green mascara

Your colour choices are similar as for brown eyes, as usually with hazel eyes, they can look either more brown or green depending on your outfit.  There is one additional mascara for hazel eyes that looks beautiful…
Green mascara!  Now do not fear, we are not talking ‘scary’ green, but rather forest-green.  This compliments the green in the eyes and makes the eyes appear greener.  Remember that it won’t look green when you wear it, as your lashes are naturally darker, and actually deepen the mascara anyway.  You will only notice the green when the light catches them, perfect for evening-time.
If your eyes are green…
Stick to the recommendations for brown eyes, but avoid the plum option.  Instead substitute a seasonal colour for forest-green, as for hazel eyes.


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