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Considering breast augmentation but don’t have the cash? This may be the solution you’re looking for…

Believe it or not, this has become a very popular way of financing plastic surgery procedures in South Africa, as well as other procedures not covered by medical aids.
This product has been widely used overseas for many years, but only became available in SA when a company called First Health Finance opened its doors two years ago.
As a result, fertility treatment, dentistry, Lasik eye procedures, and more, are now affordable to a large part of the market, because of the affordable monthly payments.
In 2009, FHF received R70 million worth of applications for cosmetic surgery alone
The interesting bit is that the ages of FHF clients are much younger than you might expect. â??The average age of a client applying for breast augmentation procedures is thirty years old, while our clients applying for tummy tucks and liposuction tend to be in their mid-thirtiesâ? says Jason Sive, director of FHF.
Undergoing a cosmetic procedure is no longer seen as taboo
People talk openly about having their â??boobs doneâ?, and are more educated than ever before about what nip or tuck procedure improves what part of their body.
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Itâ??s an online application that takes two minutes to complete. Visit to apply.
FHF employs female consultants only, who hand hold you through the process, and are able to provide a list of doctors in your area.
FHF pays the doctor directly, so you can focus on the procedure
The number of applications increase monthly, as more women are being made aware that altering whatever is bothering them about their appearance is now affordable. Contact First Health Finance for more information, on 0800 212 537 or