Foot masks: These are popping up in shops everywhere, probably because of the summer sandals and baring of heels and toes. These products, I am told, are not one bit better than pumice stones after a long warm soak, good moisturising and the occasional pedicure.

Lip exfoliators: They were certainly not the vogue in my balmy (barmy?) teenage years. I am told that nowadays they are the ‘in’ thing. In fact, gently rubbing your lips with a towel or facecloth or even softly massaging them with your toothbrush, is quite sufficient to stimulate the blood vessels, plumping them up a little and leaving you with a healthy glow.

Toners: Beauticians these days say that toners are redundant because most cleansers do the same job. If you feel you would still like to be sure that all your old makeup and oils are removed, use Witch Hazel. This is just as good and a fraction of the price!

Neck creams are a waste! Any moisturiser you use on your face is fine for your neck and decollete too.

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Age reversing products won’t ‘reverse’ your aging appearance. Only surgery can do that. Anti-ageing creams can certainly help with preventative skin care, though.