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Do you have heavy, tired, tingling or aching legs?
Antistax®, the leg health specialists, are giving away five hampers with a trio of a natural leg health products to soothe and reinvigorate heavy, tired and aching legs. The hamper includes the Antistax® Leg Tablets for safe and effective treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), Antistax® Leg Chilling Gel and the recently launched Antistax® Leg Cooling Spray for instant revitalisation.

Antistax® for aching legs

If you have heavy, tired, aching legs, the Antistax® hamper is just what you need. If you are looking for relief from constant discomfort or swelling of the lower legs, you will need to take Antistax® tablets once daily for ongoing treatment. The tablets contain Bio-Active Flaven, pharmacologically important flavonoids from red vine leaf extract AS 195, which stimulates circulation and helps damaged vein cells recover functionality, maintaining good leg vein health.¹

Antistax® Leg Chilling Gel

The Antistax® Leg Chilling Gel, also with red vine leaf extract, is not only beneficial to your leg health but also contains skin caring agents that leave your legs feeling refreshed and revitalised. Apply the gel at bedtime after a long day; in the morning to kick start your day or simply whenever you feel you need it. It is a non-greasy, slightly lemon-scented solution that is easily and immediately absorbed into the skin and gets right to work stimulating your microcirculation.

Antistax® Leg Cooling Spray

The recently launched Antistax® Leg Cooling Spray will instantly revive your legs. It also contains red vine leaf extract that rapidly cools and refreshes tired, heavy legs. This unique spray re-hydrates the skin while going to work on the inside leaving your legs feeling light and revitalised. Not only does it feel good, it smells good too with a spring fresh fragrance. Best of all … it provides relief on the go. It fits into your bag and it can easily be applied anywhere, anytime; whether itâ??s after a workout or during long periods of sitting or standing at the office.
To win one of five Antistax® hampers click here. Competition closes 15 September 2009. For more information on CVI and your leg health visit

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