Laughter really is the best medicine. Just ask South African-born Dr Frank Lipman, who now lives in the US where he practices integrative and functional medicine (medicine that works and first does no harm).

In a Huffington Post blog, Dr Lipman says that laughter is the one prescription heâ??s â??always happy to dispenseâ?, because itâ??s â??safer than any big pharma pill-of-the-momentâ? â?? and free of harmful side effects.

In his 20 years of medical practice, Lipman says he has found that patients with a sense of humour, and who laugh a lot, â??tend to heal better and faster than those who don’tâ?.

His advice: â??If health and wellness are your goals, skip irony, bypass sarcasm and make the conscious choice to add more joyous laughter to your day.â? Amen to that.

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Initially published in an August newsletter. Republished by kind permission of Editor, Alec Hogg, and author Marika Sboros.

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