Exercise is essential for good health, but finding the time to work it into your busy schedule can be difficult. Here are ten tips that will help get you in the habit of regular exercise…

1. Set an exercise schedule and stick to it 

If you know what time you will exercise each day, you will be less likely to deviate from the schedule you have set. Treat it like any other appointment. This is how you can get it to become a habit.

2. Keep an exercise diary 

This way you will be able to rack your progress as you go along. Begin by writing down your overall goal. Then plot out all the smaller goals you will reach on your way to the larger one. For example, your overall goal could be to lose weight or just get fit. Your smaller goals could be a lose weight in certain kilogram increments or to build muscle in your arms, legs, and in other parts of your body. Youâ??ll achieve all of these things over time. 

Your goals for weight loss will be different from those you will have if you are already at your target weight and just want to get fit. They will be very personal and may change over time. Keep track of these changes in writing as well.

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3. Vary your exercise routine as you go

This will keep it from becoming boring. Itâ??s easy to go several weeks without doing the same routine twice. Learn new exercises on a regular basis and incorporate them into your new routines.

4. Exercise with a friend 

This is one of the best ways to remain motivated. Make sure the friend is as dedicated as you. Otherwise, you may lose your exercise partner and will need to find another.

5. Look in the mirror each morning and remind yourself why you are exercising 

Note the body changes that are taking place. This will enable you to really see your progress as it is happening.

6. Choose something to listen to or watch while you are exercising 

This could be music, an audio book, or television. A lot of people choose music that motivates them and makes them feel good.

7. Constantly remind yourself of the benefits you are receiving 

These include: improved health, weight loss, improved self-esteem and more. Think about them on a regular basis, especially on those days when you simply donâ??t feel like exercising.

8. Consider joining a gym 

This is often motivating because it gives you somewhere dedicated to go and exercise. Youâ??ll also be more likely to continue your fitness programme if you are paying for it.

9. Join an exercise class 

Many gyms offer certain classes for free upon the purchase of a membership. This allows you to take part in physical activity with a group of others who share the same interest as you. Youâ??ll also have somewhere to be at a specific time, which will also help with the motivation factor. Some gyms require you to pay for the classes as well, which, again will motivate you to continue them.

Virgin Active recently launched “Fierce”: a dance class set to tribal beats. It’s an hour of high-energy dance moves that’s a great overall body and cardio workout. And Fierce doesn’t require any particular dance skills – sounds like it’s worth a try! Find out more here.

10. Use exercise DVDs at home 

This will give you the opportunity to work through a set routine and you will have someone showing you how to do it along the way.

There are a ton of benefits that come along with exercise. Staying motivated can be difficult, but by following the ten tips listed above you just may find it a bit easier to remain on track.

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