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Lemon peels have many health benefits and can add flavour to so much of what we eat.

Many professionals in restaurants and eateries are using or consuming the entire lemon so nothing is wasted. Here’s how you can do it too…

Freeze a whole lemon

Place a lemon in the freezer section of your refrigerator. Once the lemon is frozen, get out your grater, and shred the whole lemon (no need to peel it) and sprinkle it on top of your food.
You can sprinkle grated lemon on whisky, wine, vegetables, salad, ice cream, soup, noodles, spaghetti sauce, rice, sushi, and fish dishes. All the foods will unexpectedly have a wonderful taste, something that you may never have experienced before.

Health benefits of lemon peel

What’s the major advantage of using the whole lemon other than preventing waste and adding new taste to your dishes?
Lemon peels contain as much as five to 10 times more vitamins than the lemon juice itself. And yes, that’s what you’ve been wasting. But from now on, by following this simple procedure of freezing the whole lemon, then grating it on top of your dishes, you can consume all of those nutrients and become even healthier.
Lemon peels are also health rejuvenators as they eradicate toxic elements in the body.
So place your lemon in your freezer, and then grate it on your meal every day. It is the key to make your foods tastier and you get to be healthier and live longer! That’s the lemon secret!

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