Get diagnosed with everything ailment that plagues your body in just one session of electro-dermal screening. Sounds too good to be true? Serisha Singh tried it out.

Slowly gaining more popularity, electro-dermal screening offers a quick and painless way to diagnose a variety of illnesses

I went down to Natures Archives in Randburg and consulted with Dr Yogan Pillay.With offices in Randburg, Crown Mines and Durban, Natures Archives are quite well-known. Their services are used by a number of corporate groups including Edcon and one of SAâ??s largest cellular providers.

How does electro-dermal screening work?

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Electro-dermal screening measures the electrical resistance of meridian points on the skin. The energetic pathways (acupuncture points) around your organs and systems are evaluated and diagnosis is made based on this. Just as a high or low body temperature indicates illness. If the reading of your organs is lower than 50, theyâ??re weakened. If the readings are higher than 50, theyâ??re stressed.

How does testing occur?

The testing uses an electro-dermal screening device. On the device are two cables, one positive and one negative. The positive lead is attached to a stylus with an electrode tip. The tester holds the stylus by the insulated handle and presses the tip against one of the patientâ??s acupuncture points. The patient holds a hand electrode in his or her free hand. During the measurement, the patient and the device form a closed circuit, allowing energy and information to flow from the device to the probe, through the patient to the hand electrode and back to the device.

Each point measured relates to different organs, different glands and different systems of the body

As Dr Pillay explains, â??Based on the electrical output I am able to assess the organ, gland or system function. The process as you have seen is painless and non-invasive. From this I am able to receive information about the status and functioning of the different parts of the person.â?

Testing for food or chemical sensitivities is the most popular use of electro-dermal screening

Electro-dermal screening for sensitivities was shown to be as accurate and effective as traditional blood tests. The process is painless, rapid and precise, and no needles or invasive methods are used making it the safest testing method.

Natures Archives focus on natural and holistic healing

The process is three-fold with physical, emotional and spiritual considerations taken into account. The treatment options offered also take the form of herbal tinctures and tissue salts. So they work over time to reverse and treat the underlying cause of the diseases.

Donâ??t tell them whatâ??s wrong, theyâ??ll tell you

The biggest advantage over conventional medicine is that electro-dermal screening is able to determine what is wrong without asking the patient. The second difference would be that we treat only the cause of the disease and not the symptoms.

My honest impression

I didn’t mention any of my existing conditions or allergies and was pleasantly surprised by how much was detected – including some things I didn’t know about yet. I followed the diagnose with blood tests which confirmed what I had been told during the screening. In addition, I had my homeopath look at the herbal medication I was given and she confirmed they were indeed useful. Interestingly she also agreed that they were used to treat the body constitutionally and not just symptomatically.

For more information on electro-dermal screening or to check it our yourself contact Dr Yogan Pillay on 0825319349 or email

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