The versatile and vitamin-rich lemon has countless benefits for your health and as a beauty treatment…
If your climate is suitable and you have even the smallest garden, you should grow a lemon tree.

After just a few short years, you will have an ample supply of your own organic lemons to use in so many different ways for several months of the year.

Lemons contain many nourishing elements including vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, phosphorous, proteins and carbohydrates

Lemon uses for your health and as a beauty treatment:

1.    Lemon being a citrus fruit, fights infection

If you have a sore throat – gargle or rinse out your mouth with the juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water and 1 teaspoon of honey. You can also apply a compress of slightly salted lemon juice to the throat.

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2.    Lemon is an antioxidant which deactivates the free radicals…

…preventing many dangerous diseases like stroke, cardiovascular diseases and cancers while lemon lowers blood pressure and increases the levels of HDL (the good cholesterol).  Lemon is anti-carcinogenic which lower the rates of colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

3.    If you have acid stomach, biliousness and digestive troubles…

…take a teaspoon of lemon juice (sweetened with honey) every half an hour.

4.    Lemons are great for treating bunions and corns

Apply neat lemon juice to soothe bunions and leave on overnight for corns. If you have a nose bleed, apply a plug of cottonwool soaked in lemon juice to the nostrils.

5.    Painful joints, neuralgia and rheumatism can all be helped by rubbing half a lemon over the affected parts.

6.    Lemons are an excellent detox

A few drops of lemon juice in hot water taken first thing every morning before anything else is eaten or drunk will help to clear the digestive system and purify the liver as well. An excellent detox.

7.     For a healthy mouth

Lemon juice can be taken to relieve gingivitis, stomatitis and inflammation of the tongue while lemon juice relieves colic pain and gastric problems.

8.      Lemons are an aromatic and antiseptic agent, useful in foot relaxation

Add some lemon juice in warm water and dip the foot in the water to achieve this. Lemon can also be applied to those areas on the feet where corns or hard skin appears.

9.     Apply lemon juice to acne to dry out existing pimples and even prevent others developing

Lemon juice will also sooth a dry skin when applied with a little glycerine.

10.    Lemon juice is a great natural hair lightener, skin bleach and treatment for dandruff and greasy hair

The lemon is such a versatile fruit and home remedy, finding the solution to so many health and beauty problems. The lemon comes with its own set of antiseptic and natural properties.

Try to include at least a quarter or half a lemon in your daily diet.  Of course, always go for real, organic lemons and avoid any artificial lemon flavouring.

While All4Women endeavours to ensure health articles are based on scientific research, health articles should not be considered as a replacement for professional medical advice. Should you have concerns related to this content, it is advised that you discuss them with your personal healthcare provider.