Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 04:52 pm

4. They still need you

When Tanner’s truck refused to start, it was me he called for help. (“Open your wallet. Remove your AAA card. Dial the number.”) When he was obligated to sell two dozen overpriced candles as part of a baseball fundraiser, he relied on my pleading post on Facebook (and the subsequent generosity of my friends) to meet his quota. It doesn’t matter how far away they may be, when the going gets tough, the tough still turn to mom.

Likewise, I was the first phone call he made after blasting a home run at practice. And when the third-base depth chart was published with his name at the top. And when he made an “A” on a particularly challenging English essay. No distance can erase the fact that you’re still your kid’s biggest cheerleader, and the one with whom they want to celebrate all of their achievements.